Learn English Now: 15 Great Resources to Practice English

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” ― Albert Einstein Learning English can be fun, but the internet is scary! You can find anything and everything there. That is if you know where to look for it.  I mean, come on! The major search engines do their best to help but we have […]

Learn English Now: Does the art of storytelling mix with business?

Storytelling and business might seem like an odd admixture, but is it really? I tend to think they actually go hand in hand. Storytelling is as old as the days are long and business, or trade, also harkens to the dawn of civilization. They are both intricately woven into this thing we like to call […]

Learn English Now: Why Reading is Important for Speaking English Fluently

Many students express the desire to become more fluent in English, but they have hit a plateau – a point at which they have stopped improving – and they don’t know what to do to learn more in the language. These students often complain that they find themselves pausing for several seconds (sometimes minutes, or […]

How Busy Professionals Can Build An Awesome English Vocabulary

Building your English vocabulary can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, the best way to learn new vocabulary words is in context. The best way to learn in context is through reading. This is usually the point when clients walk away grumbling in frustration. Generally speaking, busy professionals don’t have […]

Learn English Now: Why is Storytelling Important?

Imagine for a moment… A little girl running down the hallway from her bedroom to the living room. Struggling to carry a book that is nearly bigger than her own tiny-tot size, she teeters back and forth, bumping into the walls and laughing along the way. She is hurriedly making her way to her designated […]